We are , Traveltarian

Travel with us to some of the most luxurious, the most unique and the most exotic vegan friendly places in the world.


We are , Traveltarian.

Travel with us and explore the most pristine beaches, romantic destinations, exclusive tours and delectable vegan restaurants in the world. All with your unique food requirements in mind.


We are , Traveltarian

Travel with us and experience the most exquisite gourmet vegan food and discernible vegan wines to ever grace your pallet.

A million destinations, one personalized direction
All of our luxury properties are handpicked to ensure the most exo conscious curelty free and sustainable travel experiences our guest can have.

Your Host

Jennifer George is your host and a TICO certified travel agent with over 10 years experience in planning and escorting vegan trips. With an education in travel and tourism combined with her own expert, worldwide travel experience has allowed her to carefully pick hotels and resorts around that globe that follow her strict guidelines for sustainable and kind plantbased travel.