About Us

A million destinations, one personalized direction
We are, Traveltarian, one of the worlds first and only luxury escorted tour companies. Our Passion for travel, animals, protection of the environment planet AND a love of for wine quickly grew into Traveltarian. for 10 years we have provided which offers escorted, gourmet vegan food and wine tasting experiences around the world

About The Host

Jennifer George is your host and a TICO certified travel agent with over 10 years experience in planning and escorting vegan trips. With an education in travel and tourism combined with her own expert, worldwide travel experience has allowed her to carefully pick hotels and resorts around that globe that follow her strict guidelines for sustainable and kind plantbased travel.
Even now, although the industry has made great strides with respect to food accommodations it still becomes a challenge to find resorts that not only offer multiple vegan food choices but offers gourmet, vegan food choices. We believe that everyone should have an amazing and safe travel experience in all regards regardless of their food requirements. It is our goal to not only educate and change the travel industry but show you it is possible to have everything you want in a vacation and change the way you think about luxury travel. So wether you are a vegan and looking for a completely unique luuxry experience or you are meat eater and want to try veganism for the first time we have something for everyone and we will show you how to travel in luxury.